Most commercial  vacuum  cleaners  come equipped  with a thick polyester filter to block debris from entering  the motor. This filter must be cleaned  regularly. The task is not easy as it involves dismantling the filter cage and  removing  the fabric filter for washing  and  drying – usually off-site.

This Microlon Bag provides an ultra fine barrier (micro stitched)  to protect synthetic  and natural fibre vacuum  cleaner filters from the fine dust  and  debris that  will eventually  permeate and choke the filter … thereby reducing vacuum  suction! The Red Bag encases the regular filter unit to become  the primary filter. 1t can be easily removed and either flicked or shaken  clean. (If you are in the fine dust industry  how much  time do you waste  cleaning  and maintaining vacuum filters)?

There are considerable savings in time and  filter replacement costs and motor life is prolonged  by reducing load and work (over heating). With the use of a Filter Gown, commercial  disposable vacuum  bags (expensive) become  optional.  (This option  is not recommended when soiling is excessive and/or logic or health  considerations dictate otherwise).